We specialize in troubleshooting, repairing and overhauling petrol and diesel both turbocharged and supercharged engines


Engine components and parts


Diesel enginepetrol engine


Camshaft bearing

Camshaft fastener

Camshaft follower

Camshaft locking plate

Camshaft pushrod

Camshaft spacer ring

Camshaft phase variator

Connecting rod

Connecting rod bearing

Connecting rod bolt

Connecting rod washer

Crank case

Crank pulley


Crankshaft oil seal

Cylinder head

Cylinder head cover

Other cylinder head cover parts

Cylinder head gasket


Distributor cap

Drive belt

Engine block

Engine block

Engine cradle

Engine shake damper and vibration absorber

Engine valve

Fan belt

Gudgeon pin (wrist pin)

Harmonic balancer




Piston pin and crank pin

Piston pin bush

Piston ring and circlip

Poppet valve

PCV valve (positive crankcase ventilation valve)

Pulley part

Rocker arm

Rocker cover

Starter motor

Starter pinion

Starter ring

Turbocharger and supercharger


Timing tape

Valve cover

Valve housing

Valve spring

Valve stem seal

Water pump pulley

Engine cooling system


Air blower

Coolant hose (clamp)

Cooling fan

Fan blade

Fan clutch


Radiator bolt

Radiator (fan) shroud

Radiator gasket

Radiator pressure cap

Overflow tank


Water neck

Water neck O-ring

Water pipe

Water pump

Water pump gasket

Water tank




Fuel vapour hose

Reinforced hose (high-pressure hose)

Non-reinforced hose

Oil filter

Oil gasket

Oil pan

Oil pipe

Oil pump

Oil strainer




Grooved ball bearing

Needle bearing

Roller bearing

Sleeve bearing

Wheel bearing

Fuel supply system

Air filter


Carburetor parts

Choke cable

EGR valve

Fuel cap

Fuel cell

Fuel cell component

Fuel cooler

Fuel distributor

Fuel filter

Fuel filter seal

Fuel injector

Fuel injector nozzle

Fuel line

Fuel pump

Fuel pump gasket

Fuel pressure regulator

Fuel rail

Fuel tank

Fuel tank cover

Fuel water separator


Intake manifold

Intake manifold gasket

LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) system assembly

Throttle body