We pride ourselves on being specialists in the repair, maintenance, reconditioning and rebuilding of gearboxes and differentials for all makes of domestic and commercial vehicles.


General services include: Oil and filter changes

We also repair: Rear-wheel drive differentials, Crown wheel and pinions as well side shaft bearing, Clutch overhauls major and minor service


Transmission system


Adjustable pedal

Axle shaft

Bell housing

Universal joint

Other belts

Carrier assembly

Chain wheel and sprocket

Clutch assembly

Clutch cable

Clutch disk

Clutch fan

Clutch fork

Clutch hose

Clutch lever

Clutch lining

Clutch pedal

Clutch pressure plate

Clutch shoe

Clutch spring


Differential case

Differential casing

Spider gears

Differential clutch

Pinion bearing

Differential flange

Differential gear

Differential seal


Flywheel ring gear


Gear coupling

Gear pump

Gear ring

Gear stick (gear-stickgear leverselection levershift stickgear shifter)


Idler gear


Master cylinder

Output shaft


Planetary gear set

Prop shaft (drive shaftpropeller shaft)

Shift cable

Shift fork

Shift knob

Shift lever

Slave cylinder

Speed reducer

Speedometer gear

Steering gear

Torque converter

Trans-axle housing

Transfer case

Transmission gear

Transmission pan

Transmission seal and bonded piston

Transmission spring

Transmission yoke

Universal joint (UJcard-an joint)