We specialize in major and minor repairs to all types of suspensions for both commercial and domestic vehicles


Suspension and steering systems


 Camber arm

Control arm

Beam axle

Idler arm


Lateral link

Pan-hard rod

Pit-man arm

Power steering assembly and component

Rack end

Shock absorber



    • Air spring

    • Coil spring

    • Leaf and parabolic leaf spring

    • Ball joint

    • Rubber spring

    • Spiral spring

Stabilizer bars and link

Steering arm

Steering box

Steering column assembly

Steering rack (a form of steering gear; see also rack and pinion and recirculating ball)

Steering shaft

Steering wheel (driving wheel)


Stub axle

Suspension link and bolt

Sway bar link

Tie bar

Tie rod

Tie rod end

Track Bar

Toe link

Trailing arm